New retractable hydraulic hinge for doors with stop profile. The first Colcom hinge to "disappear" completely in the profile, adaptable to all projects and specific customer requests. Keeps the proven and guaranteed features of the Biloba Evo door closer hinges. Characteristics: Hydraulic door closer Hidden in the profile, the hinge [...]

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Thanks to the technology developed exclusively by JMA the TRS-5000 EVO is capable of cloning another transponder key without the need for electronic heads or batteries, utilising the same technology as original transponders, and without a computer or internet connection.  The simplicity of the machines usability is based on just two buttons (READ & [...]

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The AF-100BR3 Door is the first ballistic door manufactured using fiberglass pultrusion technology. This process produces a smooth-faced, corrosion and bullet resistant fiberglass door. This door is incredibly strong and is also fully sealed for easy cleaning. Special-Lite developed this bullet resistant door to support the need for increased security at educational, government and [...]

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The glass balustrade is a trendy and popular product, which issuitable for a multitude of applications.In its search for constant innovation, SADEV has developed a line of glass railing solutions. SABCO is a frameless glass balustrade system particularly suitable for public applications and high traffic areas (airports, stadiums, commercial & public buildings). [...]

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