The glass balustrade is a trendy and popular product, which issuitable for a multitude of applications.In its search for constant innovation, SADEV has developed a line of glass railing solutions. SABCO is a frameless glass balustrade system particularly suitable for public applications and high traffic areas (airports, stadiums, commercial & public buildings).

Profile for glass railings

This unique system consists of an aluminum profile with high mechanical strength, which can accommodate glasses without drilling. The SABCO railing allows the largest volumes on the market with a maximum glass width of 2 500 mm and a maximum height of 2 100 mm.

Its simplicity of installation includes the adjustment at the time of the installation for a quicker intervention. The installation time is reduced to the maximum by adjusting the verticality and the number of anchors required (only every 400 or 200 mm depending on the application). For more information, see our installation instructions.

SABCO can be mounted on the floorlaterally or recessed in the slab. The profile is completed with accessories that can be used for specific applications. The standard finish of the SABCO railing profile is natural aluminim. Other finished are available on request, such as brused effect of RAL paint.  To view other profiles please consult the SABCO  glass railing link.