Thanks to the technology developed exclusively by JMA the TRS-5000 EVO is capable of cloning another transponder key without the need for electronic heads or batteries, utilising the same technology as original transponders, and without a computer or internet connection.  The simplicity of the machines usability is based on just two buttons (READ & COPY) for the recognition and cloning of transponder keys, displaying detailed information on the transponder type, in addition to the steps to follow for cloning in a clear and easy fashion.

In this new evolution,

JMA has worked considerably on the technical simplification of the solution provided as a whole (TRS5000+TPXCloner+TPHCloner). In fact, substantial effort has been made to compact all the external hardware and cabling used previously (TPX Cloner + TPH Cloner) whose functionality is supplied with the codes that bear the original keys from the Texas and Philips Crypto families respectively, in one unit.

The TRS–5000 EVO duplicating machine, in addition to offering the same and the complete reading and cloning range of the main transponder manufacturers, offers complete information on the detail of these readings. Also, with the compacting of the product (integration of the two external cloners (TPX+TPH), on a single plate) the errors have been suppressed that are often generated by the client when connecting between the different devices (TRS TPH TPX). The machine is updated using the upper USB port (known as the TR). The other USB port (known as the CL), is enabled for updating the new compact Cloner (TPX+TPH), so that new vehicle models can be easily added for later cloning.