The antimicrobial effect on treated surfaces prevents infectious diseases spread. Also, the antimicrobial treatment can be applied on multiple commercial, industrial or institutional surfaces. In fact, all surfaces touched by several individuals in a limited timeframe (door handles, plate, etc.) are excellent targets for A3S treatment. In its antimicrobial solution, A3S wants to reduce considerably microbes transmission between individuals.

The antimicrobial molecules present in treated aluminum allow the elimination of 99,9999% of bacterias in only a few seconds. The eradication of microorganisms on the treated surfaces eliminates different diseases spread problems that they cause via transmission vectors that you want to target (door handles, plates, handrails, brackets, toys, medical tools, etc.).

Given that the surface is deeply treated, the microbial effect assures you rugged durability. Furthermore, unlike competitors’ products, which are only bacteriostatic (prevent bacterial growth), A3S UmanProtek technology makes the products bactericidal. In other words, it completely eliminates viruses and bacterias.

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Manufacturing antimicrobial surfaces require a special anodized aluminum treatment. With this in mind, UmanProtek technology was created to be applied to surfaces used in commercial, industrial and institutional applications. This greatly reduces the quantity and proliferation of several types of microorganisms often found on those surfaces, while reducing sterilization costs and minimizing disease transmission.