Fluido+ 150 is the latest compact sliding system from Colcom for tempered glass doors. The mechanics of the system blends perfectly with modern design, allowing security, privacy and light. It is suitable for wall, ceiling and false ceiling installations. In the false ceiling version, the sliding mechanism is completely hidden. Fluido+ 150 features the new closing system, “Colcom Progressive Closing System” (CPCS), combining minimal design and maximum functionality. The accessory allows an automatic and gradual closing of the door. The integrated antishock system slows the movement of the door in the last section. It does not modify the door’s aesthetics because it is invisible from outside.  The system is easily and quickly installed in both commercial and residential environments. The Fluido+ 150 can be mounted on wood doors as well. The finishes available are clear anodized aluminium, black anodized aluminium  and, imitation satin stainless steel.

Colcom Progressive Closing System (CPCS)

  • Automatic closing
  • Integrated anti-shock
  • Slowed down closure
  • Front adjustment of the door: simple and quick
  • Capacity up to 150 kg
  • Quick coupling of sliding rail and cover
  • Available for wood doors

Swing Door Integration

Expand the design possibilities by combining pivoting doors with sliding doors. The profile of the new Fludio+ 150 system is designed to fit seamlessly with Colcom’s Unica hydraulic patch fitting. The compact Unica 101E10 is rated for doors weighing up to 100 kg. with adjustment for closing speed and final latching speed. Alignment of the door is easily achieved without demounting the door or removing the cover.

Adaptable to Wood Doors