Glassopolis – Radiation Shielding Glass for Medical Applications

Lead X-Ray Radiation Shielding protective glass is used in medical facilities, security screening, airports and laboratories. X-ray glass, also referred to as radiation shielding glass or lead glass, is leaded glass that provides shielding protection by absorbing the energy of radiation. This glass contains lead oxide, which absorbs X-Rays. For architectural applications it is [...]

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Sabco: Glass guardrails for use in commerical applications and more.

Glass balustrades are gaining in popularity due to their unobtrusive appearance while at the same time providing enhanced visual perspectives for occupants and spectators. Due to these advantages it is becoming more common for glass balustrades to be utilized for balconies, terraces, staircases and stadiums. Security, design and transparency, the Sabco glass guardrails are [...]

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Special-Lite: Creating a safe and clean environment with durable toilet partitions

When buildings appear clean and well maintained, people are more likely to respect the facilities. Special-Lite's partitions are the ideal choice for restroom facilities that are expected to endure heavy use and frequent abuse such as education facilities, arenas, locker rooms, athletic facilities, pools, showers, spas, retail, restaurant and other public facilities. They are [...]

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Special-Lite: Doors and frames that do not rust

In Quebec and Ontario, rust is a scourge that we have to deal with. Calcium and steel do not mix well. Rust and corrosion can be avoided by using fiberglass doors and frames. Since fiberglass cannot rust, corrode, split, chip or rot, these products are ideal for use in our Canadian environment. Special-Lite has [...]

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Colcom: harmonization of glass and wood in interior partitions

Colcom has many options for glass and wood, pivoting and sliding, fixed panels, locks and more to help make your concept come true. Whether it is the use of a magnetic lock or hydraulic hinges, we have the solution that adapts to your needs. UNICA [...]

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CBH Foot Pull

Helping to limit day-to-day contact with surfaces that can transmit germs, Canadian Builders Hardware (CBH) provides a simple hands-free alternate to open doors. Using a foot is a simple and economical alternative to open doors without touching a dirty door handle with clean hands. The foot pull is used in restrooms and entry doors [...]

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GBI Industries Inc. mortise patch locks and electric strikes

Mortise patch locks for frameless glass doors. GBI Industries creates durable multi-function locksets for glass door applications. With many standard and custom options for function and lever design, these sleek lever sets can be adapted to meet any design aesthetic. These patch locks are built to last.  Their unique one-piece body design is much more [...]

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GLASSOPOLIS for the Fireplace

ROBAX is a transparent glass-ceramic with a very low thermal expansion. ROBAX can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Due to its extremely low thermal expansion, ROBAX is particularly suited for use as thermal window in room heating devices (stoves and fireplace inserts). ROBAX is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and [...]

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CBH new antimicrobial coating

Antimicrobial Clear Coat Available For Our Full Line of Hardware Products Reducing the spread and protection against hareful bacteria and dangerous microorganisms has become more important than evr. Our proprietary clear coat protective layer can be applied to any metal surface and has been independently proven to significantly reduce microbial populations. CBH Antimicrobial Clear [...]

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SELF-DISINFECTING BIOCIDAL EFFECT The antimicrobial effect on treated surfaces prevents infectious diseases spread. Also, the antimicrobial treatment can be applied on multiple commercial, industrial or institutional surfaces. In fact, all surfaces touched by several individuals in a limited timeframe (door handles, plate, etc.) are excellent targets for [...]

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