Sabco: New one-sided installation and adjustment of glass guardrails.

The ONE SIDE 2.0 wedge developed by SADEV allows assembly and adjustment from the accessible side of the SABCO glass railing. This eliminates the need for special equipment like scaffolding or lifts on projects [...]

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Colcom: New Striqe P35E profile for Glass Partitions and Glass Doors

P35E is the first aluminium frame system available on the market which can accommodate glass thicknesses ranging from 8 mm to 21,52 mm. It is suitable for office and residential applications. It makes it [...]

By |February 9th, 2021|Categories: Articles|

Colcom: Fluido+ 150 compact sliding door systems for glass doors.

Fluido+ 150 is the latest compact sliding system from Colcom for tempered glass doors. The mechanics of the system blends perfectly with modern design, allowing security, privacy and light. It is suitable for wall, [...]

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Glassopolis – Radiation Shielding Glass for Medical Applications

Lead X-Ray Radiation Shielding protective glass is used in medical facilities, security screening, airports and laboratories. X-ray glass, also referred to as radiation shielding glass or lead glass, is leaded glass that provides shielding [...]

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Sabco: Glass guardrails for use in commerical applications and more.

Glass balustrades are gaining in popularity due to their unobtrusive appearance while at the same time providing enhanced visual perspectives for occupants and spectators. Due to these advantages it is becoming more common for [...]

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