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SADEV is a designer and manufacturer of fastening systems for buildings and glass that offers a variety of products including: various models of fasteners, ball joints, fixing screws, tie rods, glass canopies,glass balustrades, slab noses and railing systems. SADEV is part of the COLCOM GROUP.

A glass railing system without a post developed by our design office. It is particularly suitable for public applications and high traffic areas. SABCO offers a modern frameless design to all railing projects.

Railing Systems

The glass balustrade is a trendy and popular product, which is suitable for a multitude of applications. The glazed balustrades are used to secure a balcony, a terrace of a house, as well as staircases, or stadium stands. In its search for constant innovation, SADEV has developed a line of transparent glass railing solutions.

SADEV Wall Point Fixing

Discover SADEV’s wide range of stainless steel wall point fixings allowing you many applications. With these products, you’ll be able to mount reception desks, signs, door handles and much more… Please refer to the wall points data sheets by following this link.


  • Pieces are made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • AISI 316 available on order.
  • Brushed standard finish.
  • Micro-beaded finish on request.

photo credit: SADEV