engineered architectural solutions

Custom-made high-performance entrance doors.

SPECIAL-LITE has been manufacturing highly resistant doors since 1971. Responding to the needs of the education market, SPECIAL-LITE has developed access products with extreme tolerance to misuse which are also easy to clean. and to maintain. Our doors are made of  AMP (acrylic modified polyester), FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) and entirely made of fiberglass that are resistant to water and chemicals. Unlike wooden and metal doors, they will not crack, split, rust, corrode, flake or rot. These performance features coupled with our custom manufacturing capabilities make Special-Lite’s doors ideal doors: industrial doors, commercial doors, laboratory doors, and service doors.

FRP doors

SPECIAL-LITE doors and frames offer a way to combat corrosive environments by using materials that repel moisture, gases and corrosive liquids. Since fiberglass can not rust, rot or corrode, our products are ideal for corrosive environments that quickly destroy even stainless steel doors.

AF-100 fiberglass doors and door frames.

The AF-100 fiberglass door is the only door manufactured using the pultrusion process. This process produces a full-surface, smooth-surfaced fiberglass door with outstanding corrosion resistance and resistivity. It is fully waterproof for easy cleaning.

Toilet Partitions

SPECIAL-LITE toilet partitions take advantage of our proven design and superior materials used in our entry systems. We have created FRP toilet partitions that are as durable, resistant and maintenance-free as our doors. Our partitions are an ideal choice for toilets that are subject to heavy use and frequent abuse – such as in schools, sports centers, arenas, locker rooms, swimming pools, showers, spas, retailers, restaurants and restaurants and other public places.

photo credit: Special-Lite